Friday Five

1. Finished reading ETERNITY CURE which is one amazing read!

My YABC review:

Teaser: There's action, suspense, mystery, and also a love story. Plus, betrayal from those around her. Who can she trust?

I was sucked right into this story. There's twists and turns and major revelations from characters. Not everyone is what they seem to be including Zeke. Exactly what is his motive to find Allie?

And Stick is back! Here's another example where the author could have left him as the cowardly, weak friend who stabs Allie in the back by betraying her. No, instead we see him now in the vampire tower that Allie hated when she lived outside of the Fringe. Now he's Mr. Stephen and he has his own secrets which involve some unresolved issues with Allie.

Great pacing, dynamtic chemistry between not only Allie and Zeke but her blood brother Jackal. Loved the dialogue between these two. And what is behind the cure is another major 'omg' reveal.

The ending had me gasping. I seriously got chills. And there's one scene that is so heart wrenching, I had to stop reading for a few. I won't give any spoilers but do suggest you keep a box of tissues close by.

2. Also found out I can streamline Netflix on my Nook Tablet. So what did I watch? Why 1957 FUNNY FACE with Audrey Hepburn of course! Research for my second GODDESSES book. And I totally love this song which is PRETTY for when Jordan, Selena, and Grams go to Paris!

3. Finishing edits on proofs of NO MORE GODDESSES. Yay! 4. Reading this right now: Love this series so much!!!! 5. Starting new Pearson scoring project which should last this coming month. **Guilty Pleasure: Finally getting a must needed pedi: And a mocha soy frappuccino without whip cream. A grande is enough for me!


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