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I was excited to get a galley of the latest Diana Renn book to review! One huge plus with this book is the diversity. You all know how I am with the whole #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Plus, most of the setting in this book takes place is Ecuador! Love it!

My review:

Talk about whirlwind suspense, tension, and adventure that doesn't stop! I was hooked on the very first page of the latest Diana Renn novel. With all the talk lately on a lack of diversity in YA, this one is a perfect addition to that collection.

What worked: I loved how suspenseful and engaging this novel was! Readers are introduced to TV host Tessa who acts a little rebellious by riding 'Bandit' style in a cycling race for cancer. This act has her promptly fired from her children's TV show but that's not what gets to her. Right before the race, Juan Carlos, a cycling star, asks her to contact him as it's important. He dies before she can do this. At first she blames herself as she did cause a major accid…

Friday Five

1. It's been a crazy week with scoring for this one test site. They were behind schedule so I helped out which means I'm now slightly looking like this:

2. Went to an awesome concert Wednesday night. The Piano Guys were playing at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles.

My favorites:

Selfie of son and I at the Pantages:

3. Been reading DARK METROPOLIS by the talented Jackie Dolamore. If her name sounds familiar, she's the one who illustrated Jordan of my YA novel NO MORE GODDESSES:

Art work by Jackie Dolamore

Here's Jackie's book:

Loving this YA paranormal with a 20s flair meets zombies.

4. Also was really excited to get this book from critique buddy Kym Brunner:

I was able to read this story in the early stages and really loved it. It's about Bonnie and Clyde's spirits taking over two teens and what happens next! Great premise and voice!

5. And I did mention summer is now in session! No school for a month! Yay!!!!!

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to Coffee…


Believe it or not, I don't just read YA. Today I'm excited to be a part of the BEFORE I WAKE blog book tour!

My review:

I’m not usually a fan of ‘flashbacks’ as I feel they sometimes are jarring and slow down the pacing in an otherwise engaging novel. But there’s always exceptions to this and BEFORE I WAKE is one of them.

What worked: Edge of the seat suspense that kept me turning the pages until early in the morning as I had to find out, along with Susan, the secret her fifteen-year-old daughter Charlotte had kept hidden in her journal.

This story interweaves diary entries from Susan. At first I ‘didn’t’ get the connection but once I settled down and kept reading on, then it became clearer. Susan refuses to believe her daughter tried to kill herself. While searching her daughter’s room she finds her journal and reads that Charlotte had a painful secret that was killing her. What happens next is Susan on a search for the truth with a fear that her own shady past might have…

Friday Five

1. I thought when school was out, that I'd have more time. Yeah, right! I've been busy scoring 5th grade essays for the past couple weeks. This is my part-time job during the end of Spring. I'm able to keep my feet in the educational field and also earn a little extra money for my writing expenses!

2. Right now reading:

I'm really enjoying this YA mystery which ends up taking place in Ecuador.

3. Yes, I'm getting back into this comic book series:

4. Going to pick up YA author friend Jackie Dolamore's latest today! Very excited about this book. Her agent Jen Laughran has been gushing over this one since well, forever! **Oh, and Jackie is the illustrator of Jordan from my book NO MORE GODDESSES.

Yes, this girl is mega talented!

5. Just went to mother-in-law's assistant living carnival which was a lot of fun! Check out this clown!

**CROSSED OUT is featured here! Check on the right hand side for their 'Daily' Special-Thursday:…


I'm really excited to be a part of this blog tour!

My YA Books Central review: YABC

Imagine if the story of Cinderella might in fact be true. That's what you'll discover in the very imaginative CINDERELLA'S DRESS which is the PERFECT fantasy set in WW2 with a girl, a magical dress, and much more!

What worked: This is a delightful tale that introduces us to Kate who longs to decorate department store windows to the horror of her mother. She wants Kate to be a model. This is right at the tail end of the second war where rations included no pantyhose and other essentials. Then one day an elderly couple come to their home from Poland with a trunk and rumors of a magical dress. This is where the story comes alive. Kate is curious about what is in that trunk and when her aunt hints that she is in fact the 'keeper' of that Cinderella's dress? Kate wants to know more. Add the descendants of the wicked stepsisters who are up to no good and want the dresses(…

Friday Five

1. Been training and scoring for Pearson this week.  Scoring 5th grade essays.  I admit I do like doing this as it keeps me up to date on educational things like writing.  This is one of my strengths.  Also the extra $$ helps toward purchasing things that support my own writing habit.

2. Very cool, just got an email from a publicist who 'noticed' my #Weneeddiversebooks posts.  He is working for an author and wanted to know if I'd review the book, which just the other day I picked up thinking it sounded intriguing.  I just think it's cool that yeah, others do read my tweets on Twitter even when I think no one does.

3.Finished reading this book that totally fits the recent #YesAllWomen hashtag from last week that followed the San Diego shooter's vlog that he targeted women after being rejected from them.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: What worked: The viciousness of how a text message can sprea…