Friday Five

1. It's been a crazy week with scoring for this one test site. They were behind schedule so I helped out which means I'm now slightly looking like this:

2. Went to an awesome concert Wednesday night. The Piano Guys were playing at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles.

My favorites:

Selfie of son and I at the Pantages:

3. Been reading DARK METROPOLIS by the talented Jackie Dolamore. If her name sounds familiar, she's the one who illustrated Jordan of my YA novel NO MORE GODDESSES:

Art work by Jackie Dolamore

Here's Jackie's book:

Loving this YA paranormal with a 20s flair meets zombies.

4. Also was really excited to get this book from critique buddy Kym Brunner:

I was able to read this story in the early stages and really loved it. It's about Bonnie and Clyde's spirits taking over two teens and what happens next! Great premise and voice!

5. And I did mention summer is now in session! No school for a month! Yay!!!!!

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to enjoy one of their iced tea lattes and also to get back to this revision. Goal is to have it wrapped up in another week or so.


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