Friday Five

1. I thought when school was out, that I'd have more time. Yeah, right! I've been busy scoring 5th grade essays for the past couple weeks. This is my part-time job during the end of Spring. I'm able to keep my feet in the educational field and also earn a little extra money for my writing expenses!

2. Right now reading:

I'm really enjoying this YA mystery which ends up taking place in Ecuador.

3. Yes, I'm getting back into this comic book series:

4. Going to pick up YA author friend Jackie Dolamore's latest today! Very excited about this book. Her agent Jen Laughran has been gushing over this one since well, forever! **Oh, and Jackie is the illustrator of Jordan from my book NO MORE GODDESSES.

Yes, this girl is mega talented!

5. Just went to mother-in-law's assistant living carnival which was a lot of fun! Check out this clown!

**CROSSED OUT is featured here! Check on the right hand side for their 'Daily' Special-Thursday:

**Guilty pleasure:

Today going to the Irvine Spectrum and picking up Jackie's book and also grabbing a yummy iced tea latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!


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