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Friday Five

1. This week I've been catching up with not only my writing but reading some fab Cybils nominated books.

I'll try to share some teasers every Friday of some of the nominated books.


Really enjoyed this story of Tula, who is beaten and left for dead on a space station.  She has to learn to deal with the aliens there but what's different is she's really the alien as she's the only human there.

Can't wait to read the next book to see what happens next!


What happens if you find out that an experiment to replace your head on a healthy body does in fact work?

Love the voice of this story which takes place five years after sixteen-year-old Travis finds himself alive with a new body.  Listening to the audio and totally loving!

4. The whole Ferguson verdict left me so angry and upset.  An OC writer friend sent me this link to an upcoming rally to unite in protest of how Black & Brown youth are profiled and needlessly shot and killed:


Friday Five

1. Hate when some think because I'm a parent that I don't know about the educational system.

What happened is it was picture day at the student center.  So we got to the center only to find out that the photographer 'left' for the day.  The email said he'd be there from 8-1pm.  We got to the center around 10:20ish.

You'd think the office would have said, "Sorry, but here's the card and you can call or they'd reschedule."


The one aide was very abrupt with me and said it might have been a typo to "Call the director about it."

Well, the director showed up yesterday and I told her what happened and how I was frustrated and that it wasn't dealt with well.  That aide then proceeded to say she never said any of those things to me and even said that they were giving cards out on that day.

I came back at her, angry that she was basically calling me a liar.

Her story though didn't pan through as someone else in office said somethi…


Congrats to Princess12250 for winning the Atlantia giveaway which included two awesome necklaces and a galley of the book!

Thanks to everyone who commented and entered the contest!

Friday Five

1. Let's start with the good news first:

Cybils books are a coming!

Love this part of being a Cybil's panelist!

2. Received GRIM:

So far loving this anthology of short YA tales that have a dark twist off of the Grim stories we heard as children.


A twist on Cinderella.

**See a theme here?

3. Last Friday went with son's Spanish class to Olvera Street.  Loved going as my bisabuela's family lived there at the tail end of the 1880s.

**A restored mural that had been 'whitewashed'.  Artist was a friend of Diego Rivera.

Couldn't resist this Frida coin purse!

Also found a Latina t-shirt.  Had to get!

Here's what the shirt says:

Cool, huh?

4.  Also can't wait to read SALVAGE:

Loved Beth Revis's ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and Beth highly recommended SALVAGE.  Plus, heard it has one strong feminist protagonist.


5. Okay, the not so great news.



It's official: I suck at it.  I ended up paying for an online clas…

Friday Five

1. Week started out really awlful.  Had a 504 meeting with middle school counselor(a sub as the other one is on maternity leave).  Once again I tried to get them to give son some extra help for his learning disability.  But they told me(again) that he doesn't have one as it's not bad enough.  Then they dropped a big whammy on me.  "If son is wanting to go to tradition high school, he needs to go next year."  Uh, what?

See, we had decided to wait till tenth grade and work more on being responsible and all. His ES then told me she agreed with this counselor, who is a sub and not that old.  I was shocked and then very angry. To make matters worse, they pressured me right there to make the decision.


2. Add to that, my ear ached enough that I had to stop a few times on my usual power walk.  Not good.  Went to doctor and found out I have static liquid behind my ear and with allergies/cold, it can cause one mother of an ear ache.


Right now trying to take it eas…