Friday Five

1. Hate when some think because I'm a parent that I don't know about the educational system.

What happened is it was picture day at the student center.  So we got to the center only to find out that the photographer 'left' for the day.  The email said he'd be there from 8-1pm.  We got to the center around 10:20ish.

You'd think the office would have said, "Sorry, but here's the card and you can call or they'd reschedule."


The one aide was very abrupt with me and said it might have been a typo to "Call the director about it."

Well, the director showed up yesterday and I told her what happened and how I was frustrated and that it wasn't dealt with well.  That aide then proceeded to say she never said any of those things to me and even said that they were giving cards out on that day.

I came back at her, angry that she was basically calling me a liar.

Her story though didn't pan through as someone else in office said something else.  Director apologized and had them get a card and give it to me. She also said that the photographer will come back before Christmas.

I'm still fuming over how unprofessional the office was and how one of them denied her rudeness.

2.  So I then went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to chill with one of their holiday drinks:

3. Here's Jenny.

She's doing better.  Last week we had a big scare as she was panting like a dog and I thought for sure she'd die.  She couldn't breathe.  Took her to the fab Dr. Coward, who's an avian vet(they deal mostly in bird problems) and she got a shot of antibiotics and something to help with her immunity system.

4. One thing that always makes me smile has to be getting books.  Since I'm a Cybils panelist, I've been receiving lots of packages filled with books.  Yesterday I got a package from the fab YA Books Central.

5. Right now reading another zombie book.  This one though is hilarious.  Reminds me a lot of WARM BODIES:

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to see Mockingjay.


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