Friday Five

1. This week I've been catching up with not only my writing but reading some fab Cybils nominated books.

I'll try to share some teasers every Friday of some of the nominated books.


Really enjoyed this story of Tula, who is beaten and left for dead on a space station.  She has to learn to deal with the aliens there but what's different is she's really the alien as she's the only human there.

Can't wait to read the next book to see what happens next!


What happens if you find out that an experiment to replace your head on a healthy body does in fact work?

Love the voice of this story which takes place five years after sixteen-year-old Travis finds himself alive with a new body.  Listening to the audio and totally loving!

4. The whole Ferguson verdict left me so angry and upset.  An OC writer friend sent me this link to an upcoming rally to unite in protest of how Black & Brown youth are profiled and needlessly shot and killed:

5. Hope to finally see MOCKINGJAY.  I've been hearing it's pretty good!

**Guilty pleasure:

Just found this teaser for upcoming Star Wars movie next Christmas season:

I survived Thanksgiving drama!  Yay!  Which means a holiday drink treat!


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