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Friday Five

There's been tons of great reads that came out this week.

1. Just finished reading THE UNNATURALISTS by Tiffany Trent

Really loved this steampunk tale!

YA Books Central review:

2. Finished reading CURSED:

I loved Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series and this one does have a voice I really enjoyed.  I gave it a 3 star rating because of the voice and the premise of a girl with a killer touch.  I think what was missing(This is just my opinion here. Remember this is all subjective) was the chemistry between her and the cute guy.  She's kidnapped and taken to a X men type of school where other 'gifted' teens live only most don't consider her gifted but rather cursed.  I really wanted more chemistry to happen but I just didn't feel it.  Still the voice is engaging and if you love paranormals like I do, you might give this story a try.

3. Went to Barnes and Noble to purchase EVERY DAY:

I was able to get…

Top 10 YA picks on Books That Deal With Mental Illness

Today I have a guest post here on my top 10 YA picks that deal with mental illness.

Friday Five

1. Just got this in the mail:

As you know I'm going through yet another round of revisions on my sekrit YA project while waiting for copy edits of NO GODDESSES ALLOWED.  It feels like this revising stage is never ending.  I was really excited to know Kate Messner has put together a book on revisions for educators to use with their students but writers can benefit for this book too. What I love about this book is the examples it shows throughout from other children/YA authors.  Kate Messner is not only talented but has been very encouraging, supportive to not only me but other writers out there.  A must add to any author/educator's library!

2. Just finished reading this:

So happy I was able to grab a galley at ALA.  This is one of those books that makes you ponder.

YA Books Central review:

3. Reading this right now:

Time travel novel that has heroine show up in 1500s Florence, Italy!

4. Critique Buddy's book is now availa…

ORIGIN by Jessica Khoury

I'm really excited to start reading this book that sounds nothing less than amazing:

Friday Five

Sorry, no vlog today as I decided to have a make-up free day!

First good news!  My colonoscopy came up clean!  This means I don't have to come back for another ten years.


This week has been crazy with family drama on both sides.  I was reading the paper today and saw this ad from AARP on a caregiver silently screaming.  I realized this is us.  If you don't know, my mother-in-law 'decided' to move back to Southern Ca.  My 25 year old nephew is living with her and is a real saint. Let's just say this has been a very trying experience.

I was happy to find this:

I'm finding out husband and I are a part of a growing trend: caregivers with aging parents.  I love this site as it has some links that hopefully will help.

Now to books!

1. Loved, LOVED, this book:

My YABC review:

2. Loved this book too!

My YABC re…


You all know I'm a huge TEEN WOLF fan.  I found this today and thought I'd share:

First Chapter of CROSSED OUT here!

The first chapter of CROSSED OUT is here!  If you haven't read my YA paranormal yet, here's a teaser for you!

Friday Five

Excuse the lack of makeup but was getting ready for the prep for my colonoscopy(which is disgusting).

Plus, the t-shirt I'm wearing? It's from Kimberly R Pauley's YA book CAT GIRL'S DAY OFF.

It's says: When the kitty litter hits the fan get out of the way.

***Update:  Doctor said I had a 'clean colon'.  No problems!  Yay!
The only down side?  Besides the disgusting prep--and it's a total myth about losing 5 pounds.  I flippin' gained weight!--is I woke up as the one vein they had the IV in?  It collapsed.  7 tries later, they proceeded. Well, it could be worse.  I was just ecstatic I didn't have any issues.

Entice teaser

Here's a teaser to the upcoming book ENTICE!

Dangerously exciting, darkly romantic – the teaser trailer for the next book in Jessica Shirvington’s Embrace series is here! In Entice, the war between Exiles and Angels is on—and Violet Eden is wanted by both sides. Living a secret life as a warrior protecting innocent human lives isn’t easy. Knowing who to trust is key, but when Grigori reinforcements arrive, it becomes clear everyone is hiding something. Even her partner, Lincoln. And with Phoenix more dangerous than ever, Violet is truly on her own.

Plus, join me for a fun meet-up with other Entice fans during the Entice Me Day 8-day celebration in September! Meet the book characters, bring your friends and come back for the big party on Sept. 15th where you’ll see the full book trailer, get sneak peeks and win prizes!

Friday Five

Yes, that's my pet cockatiel in the background!
**Guilty pleasure:
Going to have pedi.  Always love those!

RWA Part 2

I left early on day two to make it in time for Marlene Perez and Nancy Holder's panel.

I made it!

SERIES-OUS STAMINA went over writing series and some hints on what worked for them.

**Need to stay fresh.  Put your own unique twist on a series.

***Copy editor: Need to remember you are the director here with your story.  Copy editors might not get the whole 'story'.  For example with YA dialogue.  It might not be grammatically correct but that's your voice.

Since I just got my copy editor assigned to me, this info helps me!


This panel was a little sketchy I thought.  So I left and went to a class on PR for your book.  This one had some very interesting info on how to do press releases and how to get word out about your novel.

Check these sites for news places to query.

Also an example of how to start off a query to a local newspaper/site:
A romantic story is about_____________
Author ___________h…


I had tons of fun at RWA Nationals last week.  The first day I was there, I admit, I was overwhelmed with all the conference had to offer.  I didn't get lost getting to the hotel.  Whew.  I'm so direction challenged.  The cost of parking though was crazy: $24 a day!  Ouch.

But when I went inside the Marriot and registered I received a really nice bag filled with BOOKS!  Two were YAs: EMBRACE and Meg Cabot's ABANDON.  Both I've read and both are amazing!

Then I went to the first panel BEYOND THE HERO'S JOURNEY with the author of GRAVE MERCY: Robin LaFever!

Loved this panel so much and ended up purchasing the one book they recommended: WOMEN THAT RUN WITH WOLVES on the woman's journey.

**Robin went over archetypes:

1. Orphan--example, Dorothy of Wizard of Oz and Bella in Twilight
2. Martyr- **Everyone's needs before their own at a cost.
3. Wanderer-Chocolat, and EAT, PRAY, LOVE
4. Warrior-Buffy, Xena

Another book I purchased was THE HERO WITHIN that goes over…