RWA Part 2

I left early on day two to make it in time for Marlene Perez and Nancy Holder's panel.

I made it!

SERIES-OUS STAMINA went over writing series and some hints on what worked for them.

**Need to stay fresh.  Put your own unique twist on a series.

***Copy editor: Need to remember you are the director here with your story.  Copy editors might not get the whole 'story'.  For example with YA dialogue.  It might not be grammatically correct but that's your voice.

Since I just got my copy editor assigned to me, this info helps me!


This panel was a little sketchy I thought.  So I left and went to a class on PR for your book.  This one had some very interesting info on how to do press releases and how to get word out about your novel.

Check these sites for news places to query.

Also an example of how to start off a query to a local newspaper/site:
A romantic story is about_____________
Author ___________has a local connection to this community

Then it was time for booksignings!

Yes, this is author Yasmine Galenorn.  All her books were gone but I didn't care!  I was so excited to finally met her.  She's been so sweet and encouraging on Twitter.

St Martin's Press:

This is Jana Oliver, author of the YA series THE DEMON TRAPPER'S DAUGHTER.  I've known Jana back in the early 2000s when EARRINGS first came out as an e-serial with Virtual Tales.  Her urban fantasy was also an e-serial at the time.  Loved it!  Jana's success with her YA gives me hope for my own writing!

And I can't forget Sourcebooks:

I've heard fab things about CATCHING JORDAN.  Had to finally meet the author.  Had her sign a copy for me.  Sending to YA Books Central as part of a future giveaway!

I'm so mad this one came out blurry.  This is Janet Gutler!  Love her books!  So fun to meet her too!

I think I was so excited to finally meet authors, I didn't focus or something.

Other panels I went to included STEAMPUNK: How to write.

Very fascinating class!

**Some rules:

. Is a world set during the Victorian era of 1837-1901.

. Has some kind of mechanical technology or social aspect that is integral to the story line

. Story has inventions that transcend the period but use period appropriate

. Have a social commentary or look at the underbelly of society

Another highlight was having lunch with YA authors Marlene Perez of DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK series and I also finally met Tina Ferraro of PROM DRESS and also YA author Teri Clark, Flux author of HOLLYWEIRD.

Met Jennifer Echols and really enjoyed her class on setting

**Show echoes of history in your locale
Use Google alert

Then I got to go to former writing mentor Lou Nelson's class on SETTING THE SCENE GOAL

Plus, I put some signed copies of CROSSED OUT in the goodies room.  I went back to check and they were gone within an hour!

Going was such an amazing experience and I'd highly recommend!


Melodye said…
Thanks, Kim!! Not to seem greedy, but do you have any insights to share on that last session (re scene goals)?
Kim Baccellia said…
No, problem. Let me make a copy of the handout and sent it to you next week with the galley to THE BOOK OF MORMON GIRL. Lou is my former writing mentor from UCI Extension program. She's also going to be teaching another class I think on-line from RWA in January. I'll let you know for sure.

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