Friday Five

1. Just got this in the mail:

As you know I'm going through yet another round of revisions on my sekrit YA project while waiting for copy edits of NO GODDESSES ALLOWED.  It feels like this revising stage is never ending.  I was really excited to know Kate Messner has put together a book on revisions for educators to use with their students but writers can benefit for this book too. What I love about this book is the examples it shows throughout from other children/YA authors.  Kate Messner is not only talented but has been very encouraging, supportive to not only me but other writers out there.  A must add to any author/educator's library!

2. Just finished reading this:

So happy I was able to grab a galley at ALA.  This is one of those books that makes you ponder.

YA Books Central review:

3. Reading this right now:

Time travel novel that has heroine show up in 1500s Florence, Italy!

4. Critique Buddy's book is now available!

Fourteen-year-old Ali Caldwell’s father keeps her privacy so secure none of the kids at boarding school believe she has a movie star for a mom. Sick of hiding in the wings, Ali decides to orchestrate her own fame by posting videos of her and her friends on YouTube. Suddenly, she’s the new Hollywood buzz, and her mom wants Ali on her reality show. Now Ali’s in the middle of a media firestorm. The paparazzi have tracked her down, interview requests are coming from all over, and the hottest star in Hollywood asks her to the school dance. To top it all off, some stranger is following her around and sending flowers. It’s really starting to creep her out. But is he really a dangerous stalker, or just another cog in her mother’s publicity machine?

5. Got the latest Buffy comic:

Check back next month as I'll be doing a guest blog on me and Buffy!

**Guilty Pleasure:

I'll be going to the Irvine Spectrum to pick up this book:

Plus plan to grab one of my favorite ice tea lattes:

 And visit my favorite Benefit makeup counter!


Jessie Harrell said…
Reality Ali sounds like a super-fun read. I'll have to check it out.
Kim Baccellia said…
It is really fun! I was her Beta reader! I think it's perfect for teens who are looking for a lighter, fun YA.

Marysue Hobika said…
I enjoyed your Friday Five. I also have a question about your blog title - how did you come up with that? I was a Spanish teacher, so of course I think it's really clever!
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks, Marysue! I took the title from a quote by Cesar Chavez, who is my hero. He fought for the rights of migrant workers. My Grandpa Consoli's mother's family were migrant workers. I heard stories from Grandpa about how they'd come over and visit until the border went up. As a bilingual teacher in a LA county district, I learned more about this leader. My former aide even invited me once to march with Chavez and Dolores Huerta in the early 90s. My biggest regret is that I didn't do it. My son even gets on me about how 'cool' it would have been to have actually met Chavez.
Ednah Walters said…
Reality Ali sounds like fun and I have heard great things about my Super Sweet Sixteenth Century...added it to my TBR pile
Kim Baccellia said…
Yes, both books are fun and lighter than some of the recent darker stories out there.
Nickie said…
I'm going to have to check out 'Real Revision' -- I flipped through the preview on Amazon and it looks like there is a lot of useful info.

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