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Friday Five

1. So just broke down and went to another optometrist to check vision as I've been having issues.  I can't see the computer screen with my present progressive glasses which means I take them off.  Not good.  So just found out the vision is changing in my right eye which is throwing everything off.  Optometrist told me that my progressives 'don't work' for the times I work on the computer.  Since I'm an author?  That means I work in front of the computer ALL THE TIME.

Le sigh.

Getting older sucks.

At least I was able to choose a really cute pair of glasses that totally look great!  I wasn't liking my current ones.  When I told them this?  And said I couldn't figure out why?  "Because they make you look washed out."  Nailed it.

2. Damon is now 9 weeks old!

I swear he's photogenic!

3. Finished reading:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Powerful, bittersweet tale of a teen w…

Friday Five

1. I don't know about anyone else but Daylight Savings Time totally did a number on me this time around.  We 'overslept' on Monday, meaning his ride to early morning Bible study class didn't pick him up.  Then on Wednesday, his ride overslept.


I know that Daylight Savings Time had a purpose back in the 19th century and all but don't think we need it now.  Even my parrot overslept!

2. Just sent in proposal for sequel to CROSSED OUT!

3. Still working hard on this revision.  Omg, will it ever frickin' end?

4. Finished reading:

Diverse twist on the whole meteor-hits-earth premise. Author nails the emotions of autistic teen who survives and is thrust into a life or death situation involving those close to her.
5. Also this one: 

My YA Books Central review:
Teaser:  This novel is much more than a coming of age story about an obsessed fan but rather more about a girl searching for answers and going a…

Friday Five

1. Been in a funk with writing.  It's more than a writer's block but more of a disillusion right now.

 Hate when life happens.  The whole being the mom of a teen is hard.

**Learning there is a 'secret' language with the eye roll.

Omg, how sad is it when you now can relate somewhat with the parent in a YA book?

I agree with this post on the whole control thing:

2. Really admire writer friend Melodye Shore.  She went to a recent KKK rally in Anaheim, California.  She asked if I would be going, but I couldn't.  She posted her take of the rally and why it was so important to be there.

I agree.  By being silent in the face of evil, we condone that act.

Here's a link to her article:

Another link to her blog post:

**Melodye contributed some photos including the one of the stabbing victim.

3. Photos of baby …

Friday Five

1. I'm on Tumblr!  Check out my posts at:

2. Been attacking this on-going revision:

Also using Natural Reader to help me 'hear' my manuscript.  Using this app has helped me find some typos and awkward sentence structure that I wouldn't have found otherwise.


3. Went to Omar's Bird store to see Damon!  Here he is at week six.  Don't you think he's getting bigger?  And omg, he's so photogenic too!

4. There's some awesome books coming out!

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Mesmerizing tale where the world of King Henry VIII meets an urban river legend. Readers will be caught up with not only the plight of Moss but court intrigues as well.


YA Books Central review:
Teaser: Heartbreaking and realistic portrayal of a girl's journey from …