Friday Five

1. So just broke down and went to another optometrist to check vision as I've been having issues.  I can't see the computer screen with my present progressive glasses which means I take them off.  Not good.  So just found out the vision is changing in my right eye which is throwing everything off.  Optometrist told me that my progressives 'don't work' for the times I work on the computer.  Since I'm an author?  That means I work in front of the computer ALL THE TIME.

Le sigh.

Getting older sucks.

At least I was able to choose a really cute pair of glasses that totally look great!  I wasn't liking my current ones.  When I told them this?  And said I couldn't figure out why?  "Because they make you look washed out."  Nailed it.

2. Damon is now 9 weeks old!

I swear he's photogenic!

3. Finished reading:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Powerful, bittersweet tale of a teen who deals with the aftermath of being raped. Raw, unflinching, and though painful, a honest story that shows a girl learning to dig deep within for the courage to be a survivor.

**Check out author interview!

4. Totally loved the second book in the CAGE series:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: There's suspense, horror, action, and romance in this Twilight Zone meets The Maze Runner. Be prepared for some wicked twists and reveals. Guaranteed to keep readers reading and wanting more!

5. Right now reading:

This YA deals with the whole Prom scene and how courageous the protagonist needs to be to stand up for what is right after the social pariah kills herself.  Lots of themes going on here: Mean Girls, suicide, popularity, and staying true to yourself.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Plan on attending church's Messiah sing-along.  Want to get in the true spirit of Easter!  Yes, Mormons do believe in Christ.  This should be an interesting experience!


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