Friday Five

1. Been in a funk with writing.  It's more than a writer's block but more of a disillusion right now.

 Hate when life happens.  The whole being the mom of a teen is hard.

**Learning there is a 'secret' language with the eye roll.

Omg, how sad is it when you now can relate somewhat with the parent in a YA book?

I agree with this post on the whole control thing:

2. Really admire writer friend Melodye Shore.  She went to a recent KKK rally in Anaheim, California.  She asked if I would be going, but I couldn't.  She posted her take of the rally and why it was so important to be there.

Photo courtesy of Melodye Shore

I agree.  By being silent in the face of evil, we condone that act.

Here's a link to her article:

Another link to her blog post:

**Melodye contributed some photos including the one of the stabbing victim.

3. Photos of baby Damon at week 7:

He's getting so much bigger!!!!

4. Finished reading the amazing YA book THE SERPENT KING:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Southern Freaks and Geeks meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This bittersweet coming of age tale will keep you glued to the pages as you follow the trials, sorrows, and triumphs of three friends in a small southern town. Keep some tissues close at hand. This story will stay with you long after you finish that last page.

5. Also finished reading PEARL:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Raw insight into a world of drugs and alcohol and a girl that needs to choose to have the courage to rise above it. 

And right now almost finished reading INTO THE DIM:

So far this book has been engaging and I love the whole traveling back in time to 12th century England.  The first chapter is hooky enough but it took me a while to really get into this novel.  A better pick has to be the classic DOOMSDAY by Connie Willis.  Loved that book something fierce.  This time time travelers go back to the 14th century Europe right before the black plague.

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to go to a mediation session and see Damon again!

Tomorrow going to an OCCRWA event!  These meetings motive me to continue writing and I love how supportive/encouraging the other members are!

Here's our motto:

“One hand reaching forward, one hand reaching back, in an unbroken chain.”

So hopefully I'll get the inspiration to do this with the funk I've been encountering with my own writing.

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