Friday Five

1. I don't know about anyone else but Daylight Savings Time totally did a number on me this time around.  We 'overslept' on Monday, meaning his ride to early morning Bible study class didn't pick him up.  Then on Wednesday, his ride overslept.


I know that Daylight Savings Time had a purpose back in the 19th century and all but don't think we need it now.  Even my parrot overslept!

2. Just sent in proposal for sequel to CROSSED OUT!

3. Still working hard on this revision.  Omg, will it ever frickin' end?

4. Finished reading:

Diverse twist on the whole meteor-hits-earth premise. Author nails the emotions of autistic teen who survives and is thrust into a life or death situation involving those close to her.

5. Also this one: 

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser:  This novel is much more than a coming of age story about an obsessed fan but rather more about a girl searching for answers and going after them.  There's suspense, mystery, hints of romance that blend together into one satisfying conclusion.  Manzer does a great job of showing the flaws, quirks of not only Cobain but Nico as well. 

** Guilty Pleasure: Hope to go see baby Damon today!  He's now 8 weeks old!  Went and saw him on Tuesday.  He's getting so big now!  He still on three feedings a day so I probably won't be able to bring him home till he's 12 weeks old!


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