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Conjure Tour

I'm excited to be able to host Lea Nolan's YA fantasy CONJURE

My YABC review:

Teaser from my review:

I’m a huge fan of a good paranormal with an element of fantasy that transports you to different time periods.  CONJURE does just that!  This story whisked me away with it’s magic and adventure. 
a   A great fantasy with elements of the paranormal mixed with high seas adventure and a dash of romance.  For sure a must read!  I couldn’t put this story down and can’t wait to read the next book!

Skype Visit

Today I had my first school Skype visit with Immaculate Middle and High School in Los Angeles, Ca!

I asked some author friends for some advice on what to do.  Most say Q&A sessions are the way to go.

My YA paranormal CROSSED OUT was the school's book club pick of this month.

How did the school find me?

Fab YA/MG author Kate Messner has a list of authors who give Skype visits.  I'm on that list.

Also the email, asking if I could do a Skype visit, came through the contact through my website.  **Another reason to have and maintain a website.

Doing the Skype visit helps verify that yes, I'm an author!  Very cool, huh?

The teens asked some very interesting questions like if I believed in a hereafter to who chooses the cover of books.  Also loved this one shy teen who got up and told me how much she loved my book and wanted to know when the next one was coming out.

Very fun experience!


Friday Five

1. Just found out I need to have a root canal.  I kind of knew I needed to have one but was hoping I didn't need one for a little while yet.


Some better news:

2. Finished reading:

 YA Books Central review will be up by next Monday!  Here's a little teaser of my review:

A great fantasy with elements of the paranormal mixed with high seas adventure and a dash of romance.  For sure a must read!  I couldn’t put this story down and can’t wait to read the next book!

3. Reading this right now:
What I love about this e-book serial is YOU as the reader can chose the direction the protagonists will go.  This means there are a number of different possibilities.  Really love Heidi Kling's writing and this serial has romance, magic, witches, and one sizzling couple.

4. Next week YABC will feature this anthology:
I loved this premise--YA authors writing to their teen selves--back when it was on a blog.  I'll be sharing my own Dear Teen Me letters too!
Here's a couple teasers: &…

Friday Five

1. Cybils nominations are now closed.  Here's a taste of what I'll be reading in the next few month:

2. Finished edits to NO GODDESSES ALLOWED.

 Now it's off to the copy editor.  Hopefully this last round of edits will be the end!

3. Finished reading SHADOW OF NIGHT by Deborah Harkness

Here's a teaser of my YABC review:

Lush backdrop of 1590 London and Prague add richness to this tale that’s much more than just a vampire story

4. Excited to be able to read the e-galley of Heidi Kling's second installment of WITCH'S BREW:

EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA was first published as an e-serial back in 2007 but I think it was ahead of it's time.  Plus, it really helps to have a publisher/editor who 'gets' YA.

I love Heidi's writing and this series is really good.  Love how the reader though can choose where the characters go.  So far, really good!

YA Books Central review coming soon!

5. Also part o…


Today I watched a Youtube video of 15 year-old Amanda who told her story of being cyber bullied.  When she was in the 7th grade she ended up making a mistake.  How many of us have done that?  Someone asked her to flash herself.  She did.  Only later did that come back and haunt her.  Someone posted the photo everywhere.  She moved.  But the photos followed her.  She ended up trying to kill herself.  People taunted her telling her to try harder.

My heart broke.

Right now I'm in tears.  Why?

Amanda killed herself on Wednesday.

And still people are posting that it was her fault.  It makes me ill.

Amanda's story brings up painful memories of when I was 14.  I was the one the kids decided to bully.  That year was the worse.  I was spit on, pushed into a locker, taunted, hit, and even during a PE dance class, slapped so hard I fell.  The PE teacher looked the other way.  The kids in my church also taunted me.  Add to that t…

Friday Five

1. Finishing SHADOW OF NIGHT

Love all the research that went behind this novel.  In this second book, Diana and Matthew go back to 1590 English.  Not exactly the best time for a witch!  The details of this time period are amazing.  Of course I love this couple.

I'm noticing a string of YA Sci-fis that feel almost Roswellish.


Love the cover of this YA Sci-Fi that has Kale, a mysterious guy, show up with one deadly touch.

3. UNRAVELING though really sounds similar to Roswell.  There's a girl who dies but is brought back to life by a really cute guy(remember that first episode in Roswell, where Liz is shot and Max brings her to life?).  Then there are mysterious gruesome deaths happening around town.  The romance, alien backstory, and the trio of friends sounds alot like the TV series.  I enjoyed this story and curious where book 2 will go.

4. Just started reading this steampunk YA:

5. Remember my Cybil's wishlist?  I forgot a couple more!

How could I forget TIMEPIECE? …

Overlooked Possible Titles for the Cybils

I'm really excited to be a part of the Cybils this year!  There's so many great books that have been nominated.

Still I'm noticing some great reads that have slipped through the cracks.

Here's some of those books I'd love to see included in the Cybils!


Love Tiffany Trent's writing and this YA steampunk is no exception!


Think Stephen King meets YA.  Holy cow, the writing in this book is beyond amazing.  One scene has the protagonist watch as the zombie like teens nibble on her flesh and compares herself to a Happy Meal.  The images are so vivid, I swear you can hear the flesh being torn!


Tessa Gratton is one of the Merry Sisters.  Her writing flows beautifully even when she's describing blood.

Ay!  Can you see how many great YA fantasies are out there?

This one I'm hoping someone nominates as it sounds really good!


I just mentioned on FB how I'm sick of books that show token parents with mental ill…

Friday Five

1. Getting excited seeing which books are being nominated for the Cybils!  You still have time to nominate your favorite children/MG/YA books!

2. Did I mention how much I'm loving anthologies?  I'm loving them so much I'm tempted to sign up for an on-line writing the short story class.  It's being offered from my local RWA chapter.

3.  I'm reading two anthologies right now:

Love the whole premise behind this anthology of short stories that deal with prophecy and predictions!

4.  This anthology is from Georgia McBride and has a collection of short stories that show the dark side of Mother Goose rhymes.  Really enjoying this collection too!  An added bonus is the proceeds from sales will go to a charity.  Plus it has short stories from such great YA authors as Michelle Zink, Nancy Holder, Suzanne Lazear, Heidi Kling, and others!

5. Finished reading this amazing YA historical…

Blogfest Winners

Here's the winners to the Blogfest 2012 contest!  This was fun!  My 11 year old chose them for me.

1st place winner:  Hope

2nd place winner: Amanda

**And a 3rd place winner: Jennifer Haile

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I have some errands I need to do but I'll be back in a few hours.  I'll be sending out the goodies by this weekend!

Thanks again!