Skype Visit

Today I had my first school Skype visit with Immaculate Middle and High School in Los Angeles, Ca!

I asked some author friends for some advice on what to do.  Most say Q&A sessions are the way to go.

My YA paranormal CROSSED OUT was the school's book club pick of this month.

How did the school find me?

Fab YA/MG author Kate Messner has a list of authors who give Skype visits.  I'm on that list.

Also the email, asking if I could do a Skype visit, came through the contact through my website.  **Another reason to have and maintain a website.

Doing the Skype visit helps verify that yes, I'm an author!  Very cool, huh?

The teens asked some very interesting questions like if I believed in a hereafter to who chooses the cover of books.  Also loved this one shy teen who got up and told me how much she loved my book and wanted to know when the next one was coming out.

Very fun experience!



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