Friday Five

1. Getting excited seeing which books are being nominated for the Cybils!  You still have time to nominate your favorite children/MG/YA books!

2. Did I mention how much I'm loving anthologies?  I'm loving them so much I'm tempted to sign up for an on-line writing the short story class.  It's being offered from my local RWA chapter.

3.  I'm reading two anthologies right now:

Love the whole premise behind this anthology of short stories that deal with prophecy and predictions!

4.  This anthology is from Georgia McBride and has a collection of short stories that show the dark side of Mother Goose rhymes.  Really enjoying this collection too!  An added bonus is the proceeds from sales will go to a charity.  Plus it has short stories from such great YA authors as Michelle Zink, Nancy Holder, Suzanne Lazear, Heidi Kling, and others!

5. Finished reading this amazing YA historical:

 Don't be fooled by the Amazon publishing as this is one amazing read!  It's set to be released November 1st and I usually wait till I post YA Books Central reviews until closer to that date.  Here's a little teaser though:

The life of a woman in the 1400s is show in rich, vivid details.  Strauss did her homework!  I especially loved seeing the contrasts between the nuns of noble birth next to the others.  I didn't know they were separated like this! 

This story swept me away to Milan, Italy.  Strauss shows readers the wonders of the Italian Renaissance along with the hardships felt by women and others not of the ruling class. 

**Guilty pleasure:

I know, I know, having an 11 year old is nothing like having a teen.  But this age is driving me crazy!  Everyone is telling me this is a tough age for everyone: he's not really a child but not a teen either.  

So, my treat is going to be a pedi:

Not sure what color though.  Orange or green?  Or even black?

And of course a Starbucks drink:

Either the Pumpkin Spice or salted caramel mocha with soy.  Nom.


This has been a long week for me. I think I might need a salted caramel treat tomorrow.
Kim Baccellia said…
The salted caramel drinks are to die for!

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