Friday Five

1. Finishing SHADOW OF NIGHT

Love all the research that went behind this novel.  In this second book, Diana and Matthew go back to 1590 English.  Not exactly the best time for a witch!  The details of this time period are amazing.  Of course I love this couple.

I'm noticing a string of YA Sci-fis that feel almost Roswellish.


Love the cover of this YA Sci-Fi that has Kale, a mysterious guy, show up with one deadly touch.

3. UNRAVELING though really sounds similar to Roswell.  There's a girl who dies but is brought back to life by a really cute guy(remember that first episode in Roswell, where Liz is shot and Max brings her to life?).  Then there are mysterious gruesome deaths happening around town.  The romance, alien backstory, and the trio of friends sounds alot like the TV series.  I enjoyed this story and curious where book 2 will go.

4. Just started reading this steampunk YA:

5. Remember my Cybil's wishlist?  I forgot a couple more!

How could I forget TIMEPIECE?  Love this second book in THE HOURGLASS series mostly because it's told in Kaleb's POV!

Fellow YABC reviewer's book DEFIANCE:

This one is another book with a strong protagonist!

**Guilty pleasure:
Will be busy helping church group get things ready for a huge craft day event tomorrow.

Tomorrow, after the event, will treat self to an iced tea.


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