Friday Five

1. Just found out I need to have a root canal.  I kind of knew I needed to have one but was hoping I didn't need one for a little while yet.


Some better news:

2. Finished reading:

 YA Books Central review will be up by next Monday!  Here's a little teaser of my review:

A great fantasy with elements of the paranormal mixed with high seas adventure and a dash of romance.  For sure a must read!  I couldn’t put this story down and can’t wait to read the next book!

3. Reading this right now:

What I love about this e-book serial is YOU as the reader can chose the direction the protagonists will go.  This means there are a number of different possibilities.  Really love Heidi Kling's writing and this serial has romance, magic, witches, and one sizzling couple.

4. Next week YABC will feature this anthology:

I loved this premise--YA authors writing to their teen selves--back when it was on a blog.  I'll be sharing my own Dear Teen Me letters too!

Here's a couple teasers:
'Want. Take. Have. by E. Kristin Anderson puts her own spin on Faith from Buffy the Vampire's saying.  Who can't relate with writing in a journal about THE ONE and then wonder if you'll ever have nerve enough to ask him out?
                                                                               'Contents Under Pressure' by Jessica Lee Anderson advice to her teen self, who some think is the 'Popular One' but really just wants to please, shows what happens when she does take a 'break' while on Spring Break in Mexico.

Even more letters!  Who wouldn't love to go back in time and talk to their teen self?

5. So many great nominated Cybils books!  I've been downloading the free samples on my Nook and have started to read!  Right now reading:

REVIVED is an intriguing YA story about a girl that dies numerous times and is part of a government secret project called REVIVED.  So far really enjoying this story.

**Guilty pleasures:

Hope to practice today for my Skype school visit next Monday with a LA High School.

Also plan to listen to latest Taylor Swift Cd.  I listened to TONS of her while writing NO GODDESSES ALLOWED.


Sounds like a busy week with lots of great writing!
1. Root canal! No fun. :/

2. You read SO MUCH. Freak, woman!

3. I'm not as impressed with this album of Swift's, I admit. She collaborated with some people this time and it shows--not a fan of some of her songs, though her two big ones are pretty good.
Kim Baccellia said…
Yes, I love to read. I read all the time. With the Cybils going on, I'm reading like 2 at a time.

I couldn't resist Swift's Cd. It's perfect timing for my upcoming book release. I listened to TONS of her songs while writing NO GODDESSES.

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