Friday Five

1. This week has been crazy with my part-time job of scoring 4th grade essays. I have to get in 20 hours a week and it was really hard. Hopefully next week will go more smoothly.

2. Also having a really hard time finding a book to read! I so hate that! But then I found one!

Loving this YA paranormal about the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith who comes down to Earth to find her missing half brother.

3. Needed a new playlist for my sequel. Yes, Jordan will find some cute guy in Paris! First love, first real kiss. Plus of course some danger and a god or two!

Love this song:

4. Also this one totally reflects the mood of my story:
This one reminds me of Grams'
5. Getting a new washer/dryer and oven today! Yay! **Guilty pleasure: Yoga. In the early morning!


I hadn't heard of The Space Between but I love, love the cover.
Jessie Harrell said…
those first 2 songs are great! I love having music that inspires my story.

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