Wow, can you all believe TOMORROW is October?


So for my last post as this month's WIPMADNESS host, I'll share something from A YEAR OF WRITING DANGEROUSLY by Barbara Abercrombie:

102 Five Things Writers Can Learn From Cats

I love cats. In my latest book a cat plays a part in the mystery behind weird things happening around Jordan.

1. Stay focused:

I admit it, I'm addicted to social media especially Twitter. I need to set a limit to my time online and concentrate more on writing. But man it's SO HARD!!!!

2. Retrain mystery

Once I was at a SCBWI Schmooze and asked a fellow author what her project was about. She told me, "I don't tell as it jinxes my work."

Oops. Does anyone else feel this way? I have learned not to go into detail with my current projects or even give out title names as I found somehow others have similar ones.

3. Hunt(i.e. take notes)quietly.

4. Be independent

5. Be still and silent for long periods of time.

I love to go on daily runs. Sometimes I bag my iPod and run, letting thoughts/scenes flash through my mind. Also I find words 'come to me' whenever I'm not surrounded with noise.

Love this quote:

As for writers and cats, there's something very internal about cats. Cats like to go out, but they do so in a stealthy manner. writers, even though they might be sociable and extroverted, have to draw on their subterranean, internal qualities, and since the cat embodies these qualities, it may help the writer invoke them....Mary Gaitskill

And our winner is:

Carol Gavin!

Email ixtumea@gmail.com my your snail addy for your choice of these books:

Now ready to pass of the Wipmadness pompoms to our next host...




Thanks for hosting this month!
L.S. Taylor said…
Thanks for hosting, Kim! If absolutely no one else volunteers, I can take it, but I don't want to assume. I already did do February.

One way I'm trying to stay focused is by writing an outline. In fact, that's one of my goals this week: to focus on that.

My other goals include writing a short synopsis and sending more queries. There's a few agents from the Manuscript Wish List Twitter event last week that I'd like to query.

Today's my day off. The kitties are keeping me company. Or rather, sitting in the office window staying focused on ALL THE THINGS that are moving outside.
Thanks for the fun analogy, Kim! I revised two chapters this morning with my purring Persian Prince perched on my chest. He just left. Phew.

I agree. I prefer not to talk much about what I'm working on.

If LS wants to host in October, let's pass her the baton!

Happy October, Wipsters!
Fabulous! Thanks for hosting all month, Kim!

A lot of these points hit home. I do miss the time when I could just get up and go for a walk. With the day job these last 2 1/2 year, that is not possible. ((sigh)) I'm hoping that will change soon.

I do like to just be still, too. And I don't like to say a lot about my books until they are well in hand.

Right now, I have construction going on in the room next to me...banging, pounding, drilling and smoky dust all coming into my room ((gag, cough))

Here's to next week's retreat to the PA mountains and non-stop writing!

I like your Cat's Guide To a Purrfect Writing Life.

Thanks for September, Kim.

Let the #wipmadness continue!


Candilynn Fite said…
Wow. October already? Sheesh, where did the month go, friends? Thanks so much for hosting this month, Kim. I'm always inspired when I check in. :)

Last week, after having to slap myself around the week before, I finally got busy and did some writing. In one corner, I went back to a YA ms I put down in June. I managed 4k last week. Yaya! Then in the opposite corner, I worked on some critique notes for a new picture book I drafted last month. I had two awesome critique readers who gave me some very helpful thoughts. I'm now working on rewrites. My goal this week will be to finish up a new draft and get it back out again.

Hope everyone has an awesome week! I'll try to check back later and see if we've decided on October's host.

Carry on, Wipsters!
Denise Jaden said…
I'm afraid I'm too overwhelmed to host (I can barely remember that I even have a blog these days!) Thanks for taking on September, Kim!

I'll talk about my writing once I have a first draft down. Usually. I've been catching up on edits, teaching a kids' writing class, and auditioning for movies (yes, true!) lately. It's all kept me very busy. I hope to have time to dig into plotting my Nano project soon...
Kim Baccellia said…

That helps me too. I outline everything.

Good luck with querying!!!! And can you host in November?
Kim Baccellia said…

Thanks for offering to host this month!!!

I'm starting to not say much on my current projects either. Don't want to jinx them!

Thanks again for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

Ugh on the construction noises! Though my yoga teacher last Saturday morning, during heavy construction outside, said, that the noise helps us realize it's just outside noise and we can push it aside. That did seem to help a little. That and the yoga breath!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…

Thanks! I miss having a cat. Sigh. Son's allergic and I have two exotic parrots. Maybe later...

Thanks so much for being so supportive whenever I host!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yay for your progress!!! Shaking pom poms your way!

Kim Baccellia said…

Totally can relate. This season has been so busy. I've already turned down a couple things as homeschooling, Cybils, and other responsibilities snuck up on me!

Thanks for coming by and good luck with your goals!
Shari Green said…
Thanks for hosting, Kim! :)

Love the idea of invoking my inner cat. Going out in stealth mode suits me just fine, lol!

I'm antsy to get at revisions of my MG wip -- that will be my focus for wipmadness during October.

Happy writing, everyone!
Carol Garvin said…
Oh, wow! Seeing my name come up as a winner was a surprise. Thanks so much, Kim! I'll e-mail you shortly.

Thanks for hosting this month, and thanks to Angelina for taking over. I'm going to be off the grid for a couple weeks now -- hope to stay very focused on my wip and a revision during that time, so will report in after I'm back online as to how successful I was. I think I should print out that picture of your cats for inspiration. LOL!

Hope everyone is able to make good progress towards their goals in these upcoming weeks.

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