Friday Five

1. Still a part of the healthy competition which means I've been eating more veggies every day! One lunch item I had was roasted butternut squash tossed with olive oil and cinnamon. It was actually really good! Now need to think of another veggie combination to eat.


Amazing read. Loved how the author was able to convey emotions in each sentence. I'm excited that the author is speaking at my local RWA meeting in March. Plan to go and meet her!

3. Right now reading

Love Vincent! I picture him looking like this:

There's just something romantic about the whole idea of a Reverent-someone who dies for you. Plus add Paris as the backdrop and I'm hooked!

YABC review coming soon!

4. Hope to see this either today or next week:

5. Working on my revision of EL COMPUESTO which is turning into more of a rewrite.

**Guilty Pleasure:

I'm a gold card member of Starbucks(shocker, huh?) and have a free drink on my card. For ever 12 drinks, you earn a free one. Yes, so worth it!


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