Wipmadness Week Three: Check In

Can you all believe it's almost time for school to start?  Our school starts next Wednesday.  Since I homeschool through a charter school, this means I'm teaching my now eighth grader son.  I was smart this time around and signed him up on an on-line pre-algebra course.  Whew!  He also goes twice a week to the student center, which is a school with credentialed teachers.  He'll be taking other courses there too.

Still this means I have to do lesson plans and other 'fun' stuff that I used to do when I was a full-time teacher.

So for today's post I thought we'd check in with our progresses.  Don't feel bad if you didn't do much!  It's totally cool to take a 'break' now and then!  I think that this does help the creative juices flow.

I should be done with my revision by this weekend!  Yay, me!  Then I need to concentrate on lesson plans for the new school year!

OMG, did I mention I'll be teaching 8th grade!

A little Audrey to motive me with my own writing:

Sending writing/plotting fairy dust to all of you!  Have a great week!

***Winner for this week:


Email me at ixtumea@gmail.com

Book choices:


DON'T LOOK BACK, FIENDISH, MANHUNT, and THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU have been taken but the others are still available!  

Adding a couple more to the list:

My YABC review: http://www.yabookscentral.com/kidsfiction/17160-model-undercover-paris

Teaser: A cute mystery with a reluctant heroine who turns a dreaded summer internship with her aunt into an opportunity to combine modeling with being a fashion detective. The next book,set in London, will continue Axelle's adventures.

I really loved The House of the Night series when it first came out.  Here's a novella from the series:

**Next week I should have more galleys as I just received a book filled with books!


Denise Jaden said…
Ah, school. I guess the reminder is needed, but I'd rather not think about it for at least another week. Our school starts the first week of September, but because of a province-wide teachers strike, kids likely won't actually back in public school until October. Even though I homeschool, so it shouldn't affect me, it does, because this means kids will still all be running around the neighborhood until October. It will be extra difficult to get my son motivated to work. (I'm teaching 6th grade this year).

I'm finishing up my online course this week and drafting a MG novel. Hopefully by the end of the week I can concentrate on getting ready for school!

Thanks again for hosting, Kim!
Egads! I have been so out of the loop! We were in Tennessee for the first week, and then school started last Monday. Lately, I've only been thinking about writing. I'm hoping as August settles down, I'll be able to do some real writing.

My goal this month...keep my head, let my thoughts wander through the WIP and turn it over and over, and finish chapter 17!

Thanks for hosting again Kim!
Kim Baccellia said…
Denise, I totally know what you mean about how other kids affect yours when you homeschool. My schedule isn't the same as local public school and it's really hard to get son motivated to work when others aren't in school.

Good luck with your online course and drafting a MG novel!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…
You can do it, Mary Ann!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Shari Green said…
Thank you for the fairy dust! Needed that...not getting much writing done this week at all. Beta reading, house stuff (painting!), and wasting time following the pitchwars tweets. ;)

Like Denise, I'm keeping an eye on the teachers' strike here in BC...don't know when my son will be going back. I'll have to make sure I dive into my fall writing schedule even if he's still home, though, or I'll be way behind where I want to be!
Kim Baccellia said…

Ugh on the teacher's strike. You know in all the fifteen + years that I taught, I never had to go out on a strike. We did once do a slow down in which we came in when our contract said and left with the kids. I couldn't help but feel for the poor kids.

Thanks for stopping in, Shari! Summer is crazy and is hard to get much done. Sprinkling some writing magic dust your way too!

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