#Wipmadness Week One- Summer Time

I decided to carry on the #wipmadness pom poms this month as it's the last summer month and all.  I hope since it's summer break that most of you are still writing!

What summer means to me:

Photo courtesy of bestclipartblog.com

Mexican hideaway--on our Disney cruise

Iguana friend on Puerta Vallarta  cruise trip

Summer fun on the beach:

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

During this summer I found I have to schedule in my writing time but not only do that but go to my coffee house and/or library otherwise I don't get anything done.

Somehow my muse has been thriving in these spots.

This works for me.  What do you all do in the summer time and how do you still squeeze in some writing?

***Last week's winner--


Email me at ixtumea@gmail.com with the galley you'd like!

 Here's a list of galleys available: http://kimbacceliasweblogfantasy.blogspot.com/2014/07/wipmadness-week-1.html 

DON'T LOOK BACK and FIENDISH have been taken but the others including THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU 


Denise Jaden said…
Yayyy!! Thanks Kim, and thanks for hosting again. You're awesome.

I'm still plugging away at this first draft. It's harder than I expected, jumping in without much preparation, but I'm determined to keep writing until the end (don't let me give up!)
Kim Baccellia said…
No problema, Denise! And yes, I have that one galley you want! Will ship it out either this Wednesday or Thursday!

You can do it with this first draft. I'm waving my Wipmadness pom-poms and sending some writing fairy dust your way!

Thanks so much for stopping by each week and RTing this on Twitter!

Anonymous said…
Ya know...I was pretty sure I stopping in. Um...yep, that would be a no! Inserting my goal for this week which is to complete the research on a non-fiction book I just got an assignment for. It might be two, just waiting hear. Also want to do full reads on a couple of middle grades of mine and send out some picture books! Have a great week, Kim. August 11 already???
Kim Baccellia said…
You can do it, Deb!!!! I've always wanted to do a non-fiction piece. Good luck on all your projects and thanks for stopping in!

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