Wipmadness Week 4: New Beginnings

Summer is winding down out here.  School starts on Wednesday(Ugh, is it that time of the year again?) and I'm halfway through my Fall objectives for this year.  Thank goodness son will attend our charter's student center for musical theater, yearbook, leadership, Spanish, art, and Lego League.  Plus, this year I signed him up for an online pre-algebra class as I REFUSE to teach eighth grade math this time around.  And an added bonus?  A friend, who loves math and homeschools her eighth grader, is going to work with son one day a week too!

Can you all believe son is now an eighth grader?

Wow, time flies by!

Today's theme for Wipmadness is new beginnings.  This time of year reminds me of starting new.  Son will be in eighth grade and learning new things like conversational Spanish and pre-algebra.

Me?  I'm revisiting my edgier romantic thriller and hope to breathe some new life into it.  I finished my last revision last Friday and sent it off to my editor.  And that felt awesome!

So what are your new beginnings?  Do you have a new project?  Are you revisiting another project?  Or are you just hope to get back to the swing of things?

**Espie from my romantic thriller!

Remember, I'm cheering you all on!

And the winner this time around is:


Email me at ixtumea@gmail.com  http://kimbacceliasweblogfantasy.blogspot.com/2014/07/wipmadness-week-1.html 

DON'T LOOK BACK, FIENDISH, MANHUNT, and THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU have been taken but the others are still available!  
Another book that I added to the stash of books is:  THE FALL

 My YA Books Central review: http://www.yabookscentral.com/yafiction/17226-the-fall

**This is one creepy, retelling of Poe's THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER.  LOVED!

Also need to pass the pom poms to someone else this next month as I'm going to be mega busy with homeschooling, Cybils, an upcoming speaking engagement(more of that announcement soon!), and more deadlines!


Hurray for new beginnings! That's how I see Fall, too. It's my favorite time of year. I'm still struggling to feel good about myself as a writing and get motivated and inspired with this WIP. I have another idea on the back burner and I'm loath to bring to a full boil until I get my current WIP done. One reason for that is I have an agent interested in it...when it's DONE!

So, I guess my new beginning will entail a new attitude and a commitment to quite rejecting myself before I even get this work done.

Here I go...

*And way to go, son! My youngest is in 7th grade and my oldest is a senior...YIKES!
Denise Jaden said…
Yes, yay for new beginnings! I could use one right now. Not sure what my new beginning will be for my writing. I just finished up a big project and I'm floundering a bit to start on anything else. I have lots to work on...just feeling a little down in the dumps about the whole business side of writing. So, yes, maybe I need to work on something new and forget about that side for a while.

Thanks again for hosting this month, Kim! I suppose I should be calling out for a September host (or did someone volunteer? I can't remember).
Carol Garvin said…
Yay!! Congratulations to Shari!

I'm out of the loop with everything this month... away and focused on family and holiday activities. I've written a bit every day but produced only minimal amounts of anything significant. Does taking over 750 photos during the past three weeks count for something?

I always have mixed feelings about September. While I love the aspect of new beginnings, and love the crisp mornings that hint of Fall (my favourite season of the year), I'm never quite ready to let go of summer. It takes a while to put the mañana attitude behind me. Fortunately writing doesn't require much discipline. I'm mixing up periods of work on my new(er) WIP with some minor revisions on an older one. I've been moreorless plodding along and will continue to do so.
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

I don't know if it's the teacher in me, but I love the Fall season. Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos-Day of the Dead-are my all time favorite holidays.

You can do it, Mary Ann, with your writing. Shaking my pom poms your way!!!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

Cyber hugs! I so know about the discouraging part of this biz. **I now know that's part of the reason my one project hasn't been sent out. The fear of the whole rejection cycle is sometimes almost too much to bear. Sigh.

Still, I want you to know: I have faith in you!!!! Shaking my pom poms your way and sending some writing faery dust your way!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yup, on that manana thing. Sleeping in longer and not worrying so much about school and other school related things is so nice. I also got into a rhythm of going to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at least twice a week to write! Now, the new school year begins and I have to teach, gulp, eighth grade. At least I'll have some help this time around.

And yes, taking 750 photos does count! That's very creative!

Shaking my pom poms your way too!

Thanks for dropping in!
Shari Green said…
Moi?! Yay!!! Thanks, Kim! :D

My new beginning is simply getting back in the swing of things, because things...they haven't been swingin' much lately, lol. Summer's been wonderful, and my "creative well" has been well stocked with books and nature and daydreaming, but I haven't written as much as I would've liked. I am so ready to get some serious work done.

Kim, congrats on having things so well organized for your eighth-grader! (I want to be in the Lego League, too!) I am a bit in shock to realize my son is in grade 11 this year. Eep! How is that possible?

Thanks for all the wipmadness encouragement and cheerleading this month. You're awesome!!
Kim Baccellia said…

Email me for which books are available! I'll send it off next Tuesday after I drop son off at his drama class. **The post office is right next door to his school!

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