Friday Five

1. Starting to map out plot for my NaNowrimo project.

Hint: It's set in the Tuscany, Italy area.  I've been going back and forth between a 19 year old just in college to a 24 year old.

Also this will be the FIRST novel I've written without any paranormal/fantasy elements!

Gathering materials which include books, videos, and info from an Italian guy sister is seeing.

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2. Also going over sequel edits...again.

3. Really excited about being a panelist for the Cybils's YA fiction category.

Right now reading:

Quirky tale of a teen that goes with family on a cruise with her dying grandmother.  Love the voice and the whole coming to terms with the death of a love one.


I'm really excited to read this one of a teen with bipolar disorder.

5. Also loving this new bilingual publisher and their take on diversity.

This one deals with a boy and his two dads.  Love the text!  I'm usually not a fan of books that have text in two languages as sometimes the Spanish is a literal translation.  **No one talks that way!  No worries here though!  I love how effortlessly the text flows.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Going to Barnes & Noble to pick up:

This one sounds creepy, good!


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