Friday Five

1. It's raining!

This means of course that I have to be extra careful driving on the I-5 freeway as people out here don't know how to drive in the rain.  I'm from Northern Ca-Sacramento-so it never fails to amaze me how Southern Californians react in the rain.

2. Total DUH moment: On TV last night a nurse reported that this is the worse flu season she's seen.

Son was out for a whole week due to this virus and husband's been sick for over 2 fricking weeks.

3. Been attacking this revision.  Following feedback from YA author on how to polish this baby.  Also going to enter the Rosemary Awards...again.

4. Look what I got yesterday:

My reaction whenever I get a box of books!

**I've been going through a dry spell with reading YA.  Totally HATE when that happens.  So I picked up this book:


Amazing read of two sisters and how they deal with the invasion of France during World War 2.  Very powerful and bittersweet, this story had tons of feels:

Also reading:

This is a memoir of a woman who lives in Paris and misses her kale. **I personally HATE kale but this is an intriguing glimpse into the life of woman whose love for this veggie ends up being a life turning event.  Filled with recipes too.  I downloaded this e-book galley from Edelweiss and can't wait for it's release in March!  Another win for Sourcebooks!

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to pick my baby cockatiel!  

I already named him: If it's a girl?  She'll be less vocal and more gray while a boy will have more of a yellow head and is very vocal.

I could 'sex' them-but I can't turn away a birdy that I end up loving if it's not a boy.  

Can't wait for my new birdy!


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