Friday Five

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1.  This is start of Spring semester.  My last semester homeschooling.

It'll be nice to have a break.  Son is almost 15 years old and wants to be with his friends.  The charter school's student center has hardly any teens attending.  I think this will be nice for both of us.  I just worry about how he'll do but he does need to experience the whole high school thing.

2. I'm really liking THE SHADOWHUNTERS but rumor has it the stats aren't there.


The chemistry between the characters is so much better than the movie version.  Hope more people give it a chance!

3. Working on this revision.  Cutting LOTS and adding more details that need to be in it.  Hopefully with son going back to public school this will free me up to write more and get this baby done by the end of this year!

Also enjoying SHANNARA which is on MTV.  It's based on the fantasy series by Terry Brooks:

3. Always nice to get emails from librarians that actually mention one of your novels.  In this case it was an email from a librarian in Virginia.

4. Right now reading the latest from YA author Marissa Meyer:

How I'm feeling right after reading the first two shorts in this anthology:

5. Finished reading I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman:

This is a powerful, gut-wrenching glimpse into the lives of the loved ones of a suicide victim.  In this case, the protagonist blames herself for not knowing how depressed her friend was.  After she stumbles on some final emails of her friend, she finds a clue that maybe something else might have been behind her friends death.  I love how the author shows the others who are a part of the pain of a suicide and exposes how there are groups that actually advocate someone killing themselves.

**Guilty pleasure:  Hope to finally get my MyBody probiotic peel.  Also will try to squeeze in a mediation session.


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