Friday Five

1. For the last two days I've been helping with son's high school Challenge Day.  Here's a little about this program:

2. Been hitting the first round of edits for the sequel to CROSSED OUT.  My deadline is March 17th-NEXT FRIDAY!

I can do this!

3. Also tightening up the beginning of CANDLE.  Hope to be able to do another read through by next month, so I can start querying again.

4. Haven't read that much due to concentrating on edits.  Here's what I did read:

My YABC review link:

**Teaser: There's betrayals, secrets, and twists in this story. Told though the point of view of Lily and Amber, the story comes together to reveal a secret that is totally surprising. I love when this happens!

Fast-paced paranormal tale where family secrets and betrayals are reopened.


My YABC review:

Teaser: Perfect travel guide with a comic book flair that is sure to appeal to travelers who plan to visit Japan. Also a great guide that shows Japanese culture in a fun light.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Probably will grab a large dr. Pepper with cherry and vanilla(Sonic's drinks are my favorite!) and then do yet more edits!  


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