Latest Gun Violence

After I got home yesterday from taking son to his art class, I heard the news.

Husband waited at the door and said, "There's been another shooting.  This time here in San Bernandino area."

I was numb.

Then angry.

I hated that I felt numb.  Shootings have now become almost a daily occurrence in our society.

I don't want to let numbness overcome me.

My younger sister Colette was murdered by gun violence back in 1993.  Her ex-boyfriend, David, waited and then ambushed her when she went to her car to smoke.  She didn't see it coming as he pointed his .22 special point blank at the back of her head and shot her numerous times.

David led police on a high speed chase through Sacramento until he stopped at his grandmother's house and pointed the gun in his mouth and shot.

Here's my sister as I feel that there needs to be a photo that goes with each death.  Otherwise?  It's just another senseless death.  That's what not only frightens but infuriates me.

**Colette is the one on the far right hand side.  This photo was taken not long before she was murdered.

So yeah, each shooting rips a part of the bandage that covers my heart.

I hate that other families have to go through the hell that my own family continues to go through.

I want to be more pro-active and not only continue to speak out against the continuing violence but be a part of change.

On Twitter one person send me this:

My heart goes out 2 you. I lost my Dad. At @Everytown we have a survivor network: Sending hugs

I also got this:
sounds like something that needs published like now.

This after I mentioned my latest project that deals with a girl and the tragic shooting death of her beloved brother.

And this is so true:

I'm taking a stand with #Momsdemandaction

I don't want to hear the whole, "Well, more people are killed by drinking and driving." **Yes, someone actually posted that on FB yesterday.

Or, "This is all a liberal, Obama conspiracy to take away our rights to our guns."

Ugh, just UGH.

Today at son's student center, one fifth grade girl went up to her teacher and asked, "Did you hear about the shootings?"

Where is her and other people's right to safety?

I will be more proactive on my stand for tougher gun laws.  

I just hope enough of us will refuse to let the numbness overcome us and turn to disassociation.


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