Friday Five

 The Cybils are winding down and now the fun part starts: whittling down the nominated list to the  top finalists picks.

There's some AWESOME books this year so this has been hard!

One thing I LOVE about being a Cybils judge is I get to talk and discuss one of my all time favorite things:

1. So here's some of the Cybil's books I've been reading this week!

Intriguing tale where a search for birthparents leads to a startling truth.


A modern day twist on the fairy tale PRINCESS AND THE PEA.


Intriguing story of a girl who finds out her so-called disability is in fact a strength in another world.


Totally loving this tale of a society of silver bloods who rule those under them-red bloods.  Engaging storyline that has hints of MY FAIR LADY only in this case, a so-called red that isn't all she thought.

Here's the trailer:


I'm a huge fan of Black's fantasies and this one has more of a ONCE UPON A TIME feel going for it where modern world collides with the world of faery.

**Guilty Pleasure:


It wasn't out the other week but should be out now!  Hope to see before all the theaters show a bazillion showings of the latest STAR WARS movie.


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