Friday Five

1. First off:

My holiday traditions post:

Me and Mom at Christmas during the 1960s:

What Mom used to made each Christmas growing up:

**Miss so much!!!!

2. Love this from my writing friend Shirin.  Her daughter Elena put together a video of her favorite things of Paris.

3. Been reading more of the Cybil's nominated books!

I really enjoyed this ghost tale that goes back and forth between a teen in juv and two ballerinas, one that ends up being accused of murdering two other girls.  Loved how it all came together at the end.


Think Robocop meets YA.  This intriguing Sci-Fi story has six teens with terminal illnesses choose to have their brains transplanted into robots after an AI takes over and threatens to destroy humanity.


I'm a huge fan of YA author Gwenda Bond and this take on Lois Lane(yes, the one from Superman) is really good with readers getting a glimpse into her while in high school.  Yes, the cute guy from Smallville plays a part through online chatting after she witnesses someone 'flying'.

**Also read this one for YABC.  It's perfect for this season:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: This great collection of short contemporary Christmas is a must have for the holiday season.

Finally saw STAR WARS.  One word:


Love that Star Wars FINALLY has a female protagonist that is a badass and doesn't need a dude to save the day!  If anything?  She saves him!

**Guilty pleasure:

It's Christmas!  Plan to take it easy, lounge around and probably eat too much sugar.


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