Friday Five

1. This is the last week before Thanksgiving break.  Been attacking my NaNowrimo project which as of today has over 34K!

2. Finished reading BONE GAP

This is a very unique tale that is beautifully written and set in a small town where nothing is as it seems.  There's a huge twist toward the end which does make this a fantasy.

3.  Also finished reading BEHOLD THE BONES

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Fast-paced Gothic paranormal tale that mesmerizes readers with its atmospheric spooky charm complete with swamp ghosts and a magical tree. A must read for fans of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

4. Now that son has finished MICE AND MEN--a tragedy and so sad--his next novel to read is ROMEO AND JULIET.

A high school teacher recommended this graphic novel adaptation.  The author gave it a diverse twist.  I love how graphic novels can make an otherwise dry classic novel more appealing to teens.

5. Currently reading  RAZOR HURST

I'm a huge fan of Larbalestier and so far really enjoying this 1920s ghost tale.  Fans of Libby Bray will love this one too!

5. Been writing at local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and loving their Mocha Peppermint latte.  I swear their's is so much better than Starbucks which tends too be a tad bit too sweet.  No controversial cup though!

**Guilty pleasure:

I really want to see BROOKLYN a show about an Irish girl who comes to America and falls in love with an Italian guy(kind of like my own family history!)


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