Friday Five

1. First off:


No, maybe more of this:

2. Now I can focus more on my writing which kind of took a back seat with homeschooling this year.

One thing I have to say to those who homeschool teens?

You rock big time!

Homeschooling is hard and often times unappreciated.  It'll be nice for son to move on and experience public high school.  Fingers cross that he'll succeed!

3. Been catching up on SCREAM the TV series:

Yeah, it's kind of funny in a dark way and loaded with lots of sometimes graphic violence.  Still, not what I expected.

4.  Also my guilty summer watch has to be Unreal:

5. Books I've read:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Disturbing glimpse into a small town where a horrific transphobic murder shakes not only the residences but a teen to the core. Readers will see the darkness that shadows hatred against others.

Currently reading: 

Really loving!  Think 1960s espionage with a Marilyn Monroe-like teen heroine set in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Hope to read a couple more chapters of my revision and grab a iced tea latte!


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