Friday Five

1. Not as much going on this week. Whew. Nice to finally be able to take a breath!

**Some finds this week:

2. Really loved this latest ALVIN HO book:

YA Books Central review:


The interactions he has with his fellow classmates are real and also funny too. And I love his family! The multicultural dynamics in this series is a breath of fresh air.

Some of my favorite parts include having Flea, the patched eye girl in his class, telling a news reporter that Alvin is pregnant. That's why he's so big. And the reaction of Alvin, is priceless!

So much to love in this story. His older brother Calvin and his interest in anything to do with DMV rules. **You never too young to know them! I love his engineering design to help stop a thief that has been robbing houses near them.

Laugh out loud hilarious with a character who will sure be a hit in any elementary classroom. If you love Junie B. Jones, this story is a must read. Highly recommended for classroom libraries!

3. Finishing this one up:

Think Veronica Mars fights the paranormal. In this case it's the seven 'sins' that have broken out of a sealed box. Lots of action, adventure, and romance.

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: This is a fun new paranormal series that reminded me of what it would be like if Veronica Mars just happened to be investigating the paranormal world. In this case seventeen-year old Jessie helps her mom with their paranormal detective agency. Yes, she battles against demons, ghosts, and even zombies. Jessie is filled with 'tude and proud of her work. The relationship she has with her mother is one that is filled with respect even if she might have a tendency to get things destroyed while casting out a demon or ghost.

4. Finished this series!

Totally loved this series. PROMISED is a very satisfying conclusion to this amazing series.

5.Be ready for my virtual blog tour coming next month!

**Ooh, found this review up on Goodreads:

This was an awesome story that once I started reading , I could not put it down.

It moved along at a good pace and had a storyline and characters that kept me entertained for an entire evening, and I could not believe it when I was finished.

This book is definitely worth checking out.

An awesome read.

**Guilty Pleasure:

This afternoon husband and I going on a 'date' to a Peruvian restaurant. Our goal is to try different cultures. I'm a huge fan of Latin American dishes but admit I haven't had Peruvian food per say.


Lexa Cain said…
Thanks for the info on the books, and congrats on the release of yours! Have a nice time at the restaurant. :-)
Kim Baccellia said…
Thank you for asking for teasers of my reviews. Love comments!

Jessie Harrell said…
What a fab review for NMG - congrats! Hope you enjoyed the Peruvian food!

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