Friday Five

1. Busy revising the beginning of CANDLE based on feedback from Wednesday night's critique group.

And then an agent on Twitter tweeted something that omg, actually broke through this wall I've had on this story.

I admit, I've been worried that CANDLE is too much like what's going on right now after Trump becoming leader of our nation.

But omg, I now know how I can re channel what my protagonist is facing.

This might work!!!!

2. Also still working on my romance set in Italy.  Been researching a lot on the Resistance during WWII.

3. Been reading THAT BURNING SUMMER:

This one tackles one subject I haven't come across: those who deserted during the war.  The author does a fab job addressing this coming of age story.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

4. Been waiting patiently for my February YABC box of books!

5. I admit, I've been having a really hard time with this new administration which includes daily alternative facts. It has really scared me.

This has been me these past two weeks, trying to get some serious writing in:

Husband sent me a link to help.  I think all of us need to take time for ourselves and not spend 24/7 on social media.  It's hard.  I know.  It seems like every bit of good news, there is 2 or more that isn't that great.

**Also been attending #writeon con.  This is so worth the $5 donation!

Check it out:

**Guilty pleasure:

One thing that has been helping me during the craziness of this nation is my yoga practice.  Plan to go to recenter myself.  Love this rock that one of my yoga teachers made.


Melodye said…
It's increasingly difficult to find that sweet spot, devoting time to self-care and responding with compassionate to the pressing issues of the day. Yoga helps me, too. Same with stretching my limbs & expanding my lungs in the great outdoors. And -- this is key--I have loving family and friends. We help each other stay balanced.
Kim Baccellia said…
So true, Melodye. Yoga has been a time for me to self-reflect and be centered. I love how Susan, one of my yoga teachers, has us do a little mediation during each session.

I love your own posts and photos. They've been helping me too.

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