More Cybils Love

I thought it would be fun to share some of the amazing Cybils nominated books I'm reading.  I'm on the first panel to help narrow down 205 nominated YA fantasy/Sci-Fi books.  **My favorite category!

This week I was able to read:

ADAPTATION has a subtle creepiness to it which is kind of like a YA Fringe.  There's a conspiracy with creepy psycho birds that just fall dead out of the sky.

This one has a daughter of Lucifer who happens to find herself on Earth.  Loved the voice of this intriguing tale.

This book is hilariously twisted.  It kept me in stitches!  A book that is sure to appeal to reluctant readers!

I really enjoyed this Groundhog's Day twist to a ghost's tale told through a boy's POV.

I really loved BUMPED, the first book in this series.  THUMPED is the second book.  I enjoyed the tongue in cheek twist of this dystopian world where HAIDMAIDEN'S TALE meets Reality TV only it's popular to get pregnant before 18.  Or before the virus makes you infertile.


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