Five Five--After Thanksgiving Edition

1. This week's been nice as I haven't had to deal with school and could concentrate on reading and writing!
Speaking of reading, I got lots of fun books this week:

This dystopia looks really good.  Love Malina Lo's writing!

Also love Jackson's writing.  This one is a retelling of a classic fairy tale!

Ooh, teens and zombies.  What's not to love?

Think THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets zombies in a dark, haunting tale.

A YA with faeries.

Werewolves abound here!  **Met the author at RWA12 Nationals.

3. Also saw last Twilight movie and had mixed feelings.  Loved the more confident Bella but hated the 'twist' in the story that made me feel manipulated.  But that's just me.

4. Want to see this:

5. And will wait another week to see this:

**Will announce winners of SOUL SEEKER contest later today!

**Guilty pleasure:

Read and read some more!


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