Friday Five: Early Issue

I'm posting my Friday Five one day early as tomorrow I'll be hosting the fab YA anthology, DEAR TEEN ME.

So here's a little taste of what I've done this week!

1. Monday had an amazing Skype visit with the girls at Immaculate Middle and High School in Los Angeles, Ca

Really loved hearing questions from the girls on CROSSED OUT and their take on my book!

2. Finished reading two more Cybils nominated books:

This YA paranormal takes place after protagonist finds a coin and a message to flip it.  What happens next is a huge twist on the wishes theme only there are some serious consequences every time he makes a wish.  I love how the author shows this.  I get kind of sick of those books that don't show that there are consequences to using magic.  

3. This YA dystopia meets steampunk is a retelling of the Edgar Allan Poe tale.  It's the future and some end up partying while civilization as they know it is dying.  Those who can afford it wear masks to protect them from the killer virus.  I really enjoyed this tale and there's a cliffhanger ending meaning a sequel!

4. I really enjoyed this one ghost series and was excited when Marley mentioned the next book was out:

Yes, that's the Eiffel Tower in the background meaning this time the ghost hunting will be in Europe. 

5. Plus, got the galley of this one:

I really loved THE HUNT which is HUNGER GAMES meets Vampires.  Can't wait to read!

**Guilty pleasure:

We're going to Disneyland!

We have resident annual passports.  Believe it or not Cars Land in Ca Adventure is still busy!  Son hasn't drove this ride yet as the Fast track passes are maxed out.  Hoping it won't be that long today!

Also check out my YA Books Central interview:


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