Friday Five

1. Today is husband's birthday.

Happy birthday, Mike!!!

2. Didn't 'win' at NaNowrimo this year but I did finish 30K words!  I plan to finish this project by the end of this month.

Some more teasers on my project:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
3.  Been reading Cybils nominated books.

Love this YA twist on Life of Pi meets The Mean Girls. Fab voice.


Omg, on the dialogue in KILL THE BOY BAND. Punchy, snarky, and hilarious. Dark humor at it's best!

This seems to be the year of the 'abducted child/teen only this book fascinates me as the one kidnapped child has autism.  So far I'm totally engaged as the book goes back and forth from the POV of the teen who was abducted when he was eleven years old and the sister of the autism boy.

**Added mention to former critique buddy Janet Simcic and her nonfiction book on traveling to Italy:

Janet has been to Italy a number of times and this book has helpful suggestions on what to do if you go over there.  Yes, I'm using as research for my NaNo project!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Need to do the monthly Costco shopping which is a mega pain.  Hope to grab an iced drink at Dunkin' Donuts afterwards.


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