1. Yes, dear MIL is coming this Sunday at 3pm. I ended up getting a huge calendar to put on my refrigerador and filled it out with my schedule for next week. That way she can see I'm busy and she'll have to work around what I'm doing. **Let's see how this goes.

2. Been reading this:

Love the voice and the latest antics Evie gets into.

3. Also excited that I was able to get approved by Tu Publishing to review:

Under the Mesquite

This is a contemp YA told in free verse with a Latina protagonist. So far really loving this story!


I've been hearing tons of great things about this dystopia.

5. And another Tu Publishing upcoming title:

This one sounds really fun. I read Greg's first book when it was nominated for a Cybils and our whole family loved it. I expect the same thing with his latest!

** Also was finally able to see SUCKER PUNCH:

My verdict: I thought this movie had a very interesting premise of a young girl who's stepfather puts her in an institition after she ends up accidently killing her younger sister when she tries to defend her from being abused. Then the weird stuff starts. I really got confused on what was real and what wasn't. Plus I agree with some who say, who would really rather dream of lap dancing for some rich fat old dudes as a way to escape being in the institition? I didn't get that. The Sci-Fi scenes were the best part of this movie and they were far and between. Just my opinion. The ending was very anti-climatic and I couldn't help but wonder why? Why start with one young girl's POV if this wasn't in fact her story?

***Guilty pleasure:

Going to Round Table for the lunch buffet


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