Just got back from seeing COWBOYS AND ALIENS.

My verdict?

Wow.  This is one gritty movie with tons of violence and gore.  We read the reviews from some parent sites which made it sound like a corny western/Sci-Fi movie.  So we took our 10 year old.


Yes, son said he liked it but I thought it really pushed the PG-13 rating thing.  I ended up covering my eyes through most of the movie.  Yes, I admit it, I don't care for violence and gore in movies.  Probably one reason I hate video games too.

Harrison Ford looks old in this flick and he did do a good job acting.  Olivia Wilde was surprisely good.  And Daniel Craig was good as someone who finds himself stranded with a weird metal bracelet on his wrist.  The premise was very intriguing but overall I felt shell struck when I came out of the theater.

A better action flick?


I really enjoyed this take on the comic book hero.  The story was bittersweet.  Just the way I love them.  Also we're introduced to an underdog who ends up saving the day.  The ending though was a little too anti-climatic for me but they do this to get you ready for the upcoming movie AVENAGERS.

One movie I do want to see which I know will have tons of action and probably a fair share of violence is ABDUCTION

Saw the movie trailer and it looks very intriguing.  Teen finds out his photo as a child is on a milk carton as a missing child.  Then all heck breaks loose when others find out about him.

So what movies are you seeing?  Any hits?  Misses?


Cat said…
I have been watching the TV show Sherlock, a BBC take on Sherlock Holmes that is fantastic, aside from the gay innuendos. Other than that, a fabulous show!
Kim Baccellia said…
Ooh, maybe I should check that one out! I'm bummed Netflix streaming isn't showing us TORCHWOOD. Will tell husband about the BBC Sherlock Holmes show. We're both huge fans of BBC America.
cleemckenzie said…
I'm glad you told me about Cowboys and Aliens. I'm not much of "kaboom," "zap," "whamo" kind of movie goer either, so I'll probably pass.

Might see Captain American.

Thanks, Kim.
Dawn Brazil said…
I saw Captain America and loved it. Can't wait for the Avengers!!! I want to see Cowboys and Aliens, too. I love action and big bangs...not so much on gore but I'll have to check it out.
Kim Baccellia said…
Cowboys and Aliens wasn't that bad and I might have enjoyed it alot more if my ten year old wasn't with us. I just thought the violence and gore was a little too much for him. I did love Harrison Ford as the cranky old fart and Olivia Wilde was really good too.

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