Friday Five

1. Hope you all survived Thanksgiving!  We stayed home and celebrated.  So glad I didn't hit the roads as 1) it was snowing big time in Salt Lake City, where husband's family is, 2) the traffic out of LA area was gridlocked for a long time.

Yes, staying home was nice and less stressful!

2. Been writing everyday on this new project.  It's slowly coming along.  Totally a sh**ty first draft but I've given myself permission to do this and not stop and go back to edit.

Teaser on project:

3. Also been reading.  I have LOTS of Cybils nominated books to go through!

This one isn't out yet but reading it for YA Books Central.

Verdict:  Love this gut wrenching tale of two teens who find each other again and discover how the power of friendship can literally save a life.

Review coming soon!


Really love the voice of this debutante meets Pride and Prejudice.  Twenty year old Megan can't believe she has to be a part of the whole Texas debutante scene.  What she goes through in order to be a debutante is hilarious!


I'm a huge sucker for YA thrillers and this one looks really good!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Going to just stay home and write.  I hope to get some more words in before the end of this month.


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