Friday Five

1. Started week off with hosting a YA Books Central chat with NYT Bestselling author Rachel Caine--author of the Morganville Vamp series and a brand new series.  It was fast-paced and very fun!

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: There's suspense, adventure, the grittiness of war and loss, betrayal, secrets, and more! The build up to the final reveal has Jess confront the very thing he fears. 

Fascinating new series with an alternative history where the Library of Alexandria still exists and the few brave enough to stand up to the controlling power that means to silence them. Highly recommended!

2. Right now reading THE FIXER by Jennifer Barnes

Think YA meets SCANDAL with a dash of VERONICA MARS.  Really enjoying!

3. Younger brother went to a Frida Kahlo exhibit in Tijuana, Mexico and brought me back stuff!  His fiancee, who is a Mexican national, recommended.


4. Have to fix patio cover.  Looks like we have some dry rot going on.  Joys of being a homeowner.

5. Finally went and saw PAPER TOWNS at the luxury theater.  Really enjoyed though I thought Margo was a tad bit selfish.  Overall, though?  This is more a coming of age story.  Highly recommend.  **I also have a confession--I liked more than FAULT IN OUR STARS which I felt didn't feel YA at all.  The actors in PAPER TOWNS at least felt like seniors in High School.  Plus, liked the 'bro' factor between the friends.

**Guilty pleasure:

After yoga session in the morning with fab Linda, I hope to get at least a little more writing in.  I'm getting antsy to start another project.  One that isn't YA per say but a romance.


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