Friday Five

1. Son's been gone all week at Yosemite with his scout troop.  He was able to go on a white water rapids excursion and hike the Half Dome while there.

With son gone that meant husband and I were able to go out to the movies, dinner, and breakfast.  Plus, I was able to get some writing done!

2. Teaser on a secret project I've been working on:

3. Still scoring.  Should be done with project by this next Friday!

4. Read THE RULES by Nancy Holder

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: A bloody twist on the game CLUE with a huge helping of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Tons of twists and turns that leave readers second guessing on who the killer might be. THE RULES is sure to appeal to horror fans.

5.  Finishing THE STARS NEVER RISE by Rachel Vincent

Really loving this twist on the whole dystopian demon hunter series.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Finally going to see this movie.  Everyone's been telling me it 'nails' the whole depression thing.


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