Friday Five

1. Doing a quick read through on my project.  Making notes, comments throughout.  Hope to finish the read-through by next week.  Then put aside for a few, work  new feedback in and then let critique buddy read.

This project has been going on and off since 2011.  Hope to finally get it into shape to start querying in the Fall.

2. Need to start work on a new project...soon.  Hopefully that will help me get excited on writing again.  I think the combo of end of the year drama, family issues, and other things have me stuck in a funk.

Hoping to find that light at the end of the tunnel.
3. Right now reading DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE:

This book is filled with awesomeness.  Think REVENGE meets YA.  Totally loving!

YA Books Central review coming real soon!

4.  Also reading RUN TO YOU.

Really enjoying this paranormal romance!

5. Went and saw the remark of POLTERGEIST the other day with son.  This newer version upped the creep factor and was entertaining but omg that clown.  **Did I mention how much clowns freak me out?

Photo courtesy from

I'm still traumatized by that clown in Stephen King's IT.

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to Irvine Spectrum and picking up either the latest Meg Cabot book:

Or one of these:

Mostly though, just want to get out and be by myself for a few.


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