Friday Five

1. Been driving all over town getting stuff for son's upcoming Yosemite and Half Dome hike trip.  He's now 5'8!  And of course all the camping clothing stuff from last year's trip don't fit so I had to get more clothing, hiking boots, and other gear.

This all equals $$$

He'll be going with his scout troop from church so he'll be taken care of.

2. Scoring some more.  Was put on a new project that is really ...


This is me after a hour of analyzing essays.

3. Just finished reading an amazing YA contemporary that deals with a girl in a cult.  I thought at first, yeah, another cult survivor story.


This is a raw, intense account of Minnow, a teen who was raised in a hidden cult  and the horrific trials she goes through by just questioning.  An insightful look into Minnow's journey from victim to survivor.

Total must read!

4. Listening to TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and totally loving.  Son needs to read in 9th grade so I decided to get the audio book and listen to this summer.  Also plan on buying the sequel on July 13th!

5. Just got approved to read ACCIDENT SEASON but can't figure out how to download on my Kindle Fire.  Le sigh.  Hoping to get this taken care of soon so I can read!

**Guilty Pleasure:

The only way to get any real writing done is to sneak away to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf close to my house before 10am.  Seems that EVERYONE thinks that I'm the one to take requests to do things as I 'don't really have a job'-(that's what my 14 year old just told me).  Uh, HELLO, yes, I do.

Anyway, going to coffee house and hope to be doing this as I have a deadline next Tuesday on a proposal for a secret project!  **Can't share yet but will let you all know when it's for sure!


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