Friday Five

1. Omg, on Prince death.  I danced to his songs at the discos in the later 70s/early 80s.  My all-time favorite had to be When Doves Cry.


2. Went to high school orientation last night.  Son is going to attend public high school after being homeschooled since the third grade.

3. Was really excited to be included on the SLJ's blog for Mental Awareness Month.  Here's my link to my post in case you missed it.

Teaser: Intriguing YA paranormal with a Wuthering Heights feel going for it. There’s a mystery behind the ghostly forbidden lovers; Native American lore; romance; and suspense. All this set behind a paranormal world that is complete with ghosts and a curse. A fast-read for fans of the paranormal and romance.

5.  Very excited to get another box of books from the fab YA Books Central.  XoXo 

Right now reading MY MAD FAT DIARY by Rae Earl:

Omg, this book is frickin' hilarious!  

YA Books Central review coming soon!

**Need to go and get sonogram to check on the progress of a nodule that has been growing.  Le sigh.  Send me positive, healthy vibes, will you?  

***Guilty pleasure:

Visiting Damon after seeing doctor.  Get to bring him home TOMORROW.

Here he is at thirteen weeks:

He's a little smaller than the other cockatiels.  I was kind of bugged by one of the helpers at Omars who told me my bird didn't really like socializing with the other birds.  I know, I worry a lot but can't wait to get him home.  I think he's a real cutie.


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