Friday Five

1. Well, I think Damon might in fact be a female.  But then went online and it says you won't know until the first molting which is around 4-5 months.

Found this which I found was interesting:

Photo courtesy of:

Here's the latest photo of Damon at 11 weeks:

But then I found this too which is interesting:
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So now I'm more confused than ever!  I didn't want to do the blood DNA test as it would be so hard to say, "Nah, I don't want the bird based on it's sex."  **I kind of know how that feels.  So he's still mine! Damon is very vocal at the shop and kind of laid back.  So I figured I'd 'change' name but Damon is also listed as a girl name!

So Damon it'll be!

2.  Have less than a 100 pages left in this revision!

Based on reader feedback the ending goes by way too fast and is confusing.  So I've been going back and fleshing out scenes more.

**Yes, my new baby cockatiel is named after THAT Damon!

3. There's a Parisian theme with the books I've read this week:

This one is available in the April Scholastic Teen Reading Club book order!  Had to get!

Verdict: Fun tale with parallel universe realities. YA meets SLIDING DOORS only in this case two different scenarios happen right when a phone goes off in an airport. One scenario has Summer going to France to meet up with her father and the other has her staying home. Both have similar possibilities.


This is a fun memoir of a guy who loves Paris and decides to start his own American Breakfast diner there.  Love the voice and all this author had to do in order to reach his dream!


This is another book available in the Tab Scholastic reading club book order.  Only this one comes with a fun necklace with the Eiffel Tower.  **Gave the necklace to a girl who loves anything Parisian.

Haven't read yet but it's being mentioned as the MG version of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS.  Since I totally loved that book, I'm worried this one might fall short.  Oh, well, I'll read and let you all find out!

**Guilty pleasure:

Toying on seeing MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN.  I really was touched by another movie that was Christian based.  Not GOD'S NOT DEAD which I felt was way over the top and only reinforced negative stereotypes.  HEAVEN IS FOR REAL really touched me with it's message.


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