Friday Five

1. Had to have a crown replaced.  Ugh.  Good news was I didn't have to have a root canal.  Bad news?  Another crown came out after I bit down in a See's sucker.

Double ugh.  It happened on Sunday, so I put it back in my mouth.  Went to see dentist on Monday and neither he or his assistant could get it back out.  The assistant asked me, "You didn't glue it back in did you?"

Omg, do people actually do that?

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2. Today getting my first bone density test.  Nervous as I don't know what to expect plus worry if all those Diet Cokes will show up.  Nah, I have been good with my calcium supplements but still send some positive vibes my way!

3. Did I mention that that other crown STILL is in my mouth?  

4. Was really excited for Rachel Hawkin's publicist to email me and ask if I wanted to read/review her upcoming YA book.


5. Downloaded DELIVER ME:

I really loved the first book PERFECTED about a futuristic society with a twist: genetically modified humans are sold as 'pets' to the very rich.

In DELIVER ME we see another side of this society where girls are assigned places in society and the coveted role of 'Carrier' is one all want.  Only the dream and reality don't add up.

Once again really loving this series.  

**Guilty pleasure:

Son's scout unit has been having monthly overnighters.  And that gives husband and I a chance to go out on a 'date'.  Thinking of getting some chicken saltado de pollo at this one little hole in the wall restaurant.  What is this?  Peruvian rice, french fries, chicken, and roasted veggies.  It's so yummy.

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